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 Note: Uses the English translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

Why another Quran Search Engine?

    As we know there are many Quran Search Engines available on the internet, but all of them have very limited search capabilities. is based on cutting edge search technology and offers the following unique features:
  • Search multi-word phrases that spread across more than one verse as opposed to the single verse search offered by all other Quran Search Engines. Examples: "Roman Victory", "War on Usury".
  • Synonym Search: so you don't have to know the exact words used in the translations. For example, to search for Jesus in the Quran you can use any of these variations: "Jesus", "Christ", "Messiah", "Isa".
  • Morphological Search: allows finding different variations of the word. For example, searching for "intention" will find verses using words like intends, intending, intention, intentionally, etc.
  • Exclusion: to search for verses that don't contain certain words> For example to find verses that talk about charity without mentioning Prayer use the NOT or - symbol: "Charity NOT Prayer", "Charity -Prayer".
  • "Did you Mean" suggestions for misspellings.

What's New?

    Following new features have been added to the search engine recently:
  • Aug 8, 2010: Decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer, because of its non compliance to W3C standards and the amount of time it takes to make the site IE compliant. Please upgrade to any of the W3C compliant FREE browsers such as Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome or Apple's Safari.
  • Aug 8, 2010: Users can browse a surah from the left navigation bar.
  • Jan 28, 2010: You can now search by the name of a surah and you can also use surah name to pull certain verses of a Surah: Following are the different variations recognized by the search engine:
    surah fajr
    surah al-fajr
    surah fajr:1-15
    surat fajr:1-15
    sura fajr:1-15
    The synonym search and DidYouMean suggestions for spelling mistakes is not implemented yet, but will be done in the future
  • Jan 25, 2010: Users can now browse a surah by just entering the surah number. For example, to view surah Baqara just search for 2
  • Dec 21, 2009: Improved Proximity Search allows you to search complex phrases that span multiple verse. For example: Abraham son sacrifice
  • Nov 19, 2009: Ability to go to a particular verse or a range of verses. For example: 2:255, 17:23-25

Note: This site uses a highly verified precise Quran text provided by the Tanzil Project.